October 2018

Laugharne club house fireproofing for WB Griffiths

JOP Ltd were awarded the contract to carry out fire proofing on the new steel structure for a new clubhouse at Seasons cottages holiday park in Laugharne. The principal contractor carrying out the building works were WB Griffiths and JOP worked under them whilst carrying out the fire proofing.


• July 2018 – We inspected the steel structure and drawings and submitted our quote.
• August 2018 – We were awarded the works and commenced the second week in August. The work involved prepping the steel work, priming it and spraying the fireproofing before top coating. Due to two areas of the clubhouse being high in moisture (swimming pool and sauna areas), a specific type of top coat was needed to provide an extra layer of protection to the fire proofing.
• September 2018 – Works completed, one week ahead of schedule.

JOP staff are highly trained in fireproofing and coatings application (including rolling and spray application) and our painting inspector and supervisors have had 20 years plus experience of industrial coating application.

JOP always treat health and safety as our top priority and this contract was completed with over 1,000 hours on site with zero incidents or injuries.

JOP management undertook regular site visits to ensure the high standard of health and safety is being maintained on site.

A full QA pack was submitted to the client in line with our International applicators licence to give standard warranty cover for the client.

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